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Productivity is our answer to employers who would like to monitor & evaluate the productivity of their employees.


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- Each employee logs in their tasks, whether they are billable or not, through a browser, from anywhere in the world, from any computer. They can only see their schedule and not other employees.

- The employer however, can oversee everybody's work, run reports on each employee/customer, adjusting/filtering live/on the spot any parameter he/she wants to change (which employees, which customers, between which dates, billable, non-billable, paid invoices, non paid invoices, etc...).

- We developed a second professional reporting script that employers can also use.

- Finally, each customer can log on to the system and see what work is done for them, and again in real time adjusting any parameter (dates, employees, billable, paid invoices etc...).

-All data can be exported to word or excel very easily for further analysis. Furthermore, the data is stored in ms-access database, so many other possibilities exist in what can be done with the data (mail-merging, importing to accounting systems, etc...).

This software can be made to work with your existing web site easily, free demoing & training is available on demand, so it can be purchased separately, or comes FREE WITH OUR CONTENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (ENA).

We can customize the code to meet your specific needs, or we can create specific programs for your business.


Productivity Link for employees

Productivity Link for customers

Productivity Link for Professional Reporting

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