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 - We strongly advice our customers to use a good antivirus to keep their computers healthy. AVG FREE is as good as anything out there. Click here to download AGV Antivirus FREE. 
 - We also recemmend ZoneAlarm FREE, as your firewall software to keep hackers out. Click here to download ZoneAlarm FREE.

- For a good FREE Batch Image Resizing software we recommend FSresize portable.

These are the latest free programs from

rpg, roleplaying, role playing, game, adventure, role playing game, roleplaying game, free rpg, free
A humorous, unique roleplaying game set in a satirical fantasy world. 2017-12-11
Free image viewer for the high-quality BPG image format. 2017-12-11
Desktop gadget that displays a handy analog clock, CPU meter, memory meter, and a disk space usage meter. 2017-12-11
web browser, browser, polarity browser, polarity web browser, polarity, google chrome, uc browser, opera, firefox
A fast, secure, and stable browser designed to be efficient and use less RAM. 2017-12-11
how to take a screenshot, snipping tool, screenshot, how to take a screenshot
Versatile screen capture utility that allows you to take screenshots in one click. 2017-12-11
monitor directory, file changes, modifications, file deletion
Notifies you of file changes, deletions, modifications, and new files in specified directories. 2017-12-11
check partition, partition, hard drive, hd, check hard drive
Free tool to check a partition on your hard drive. 2017-12-11
timer time clock stopwatch hours track timesheet
A simple timer program that can be used to time a number of different tasks or events. 2017-12-11
media manager, movie manager, media organizer, movie organizer, media, movies
A free program to manage your movie collection. 2017-12-11
ping, ip, host, internet, nirsoft, nir software, nir
Easily ping multiple host names and IP addresses. 2017-12-11
clipboard manager, clipboard history, clipboard
Free clipboard manager that supports the capture of multiple file and text formats. 2017-12-11
system information, sysinfo, harware, software, information, system, report
A portable system information tool designed to show hardware and software details. 2017-12-11
system information, sysinfo, hardware, software, information, system, report
A professional, powerful system information tool for Windows. 2017-12-11
system information, sysinfo, hardware, software, information, system, report
A portable system information tool for Windows 64-Bit. 2017-12-11
system information, sysinfo, hardware, software, information, system, report
Free system information tool for Windows 64-Bit. 2017-12-11
screen resolution, display, change screen resolution
Free program designed to quickly select, change, and store the screen resolution of your monitor for each individual user. 2017-12-11
timetable, timetabling, scheduling, schedule
Free software to automatically schedule the timetable of an institution. 2017-12-11
TrustViewer, remote admin, remote administration, teamviewer, remote desktop, remote access, video calls, share files
Free remote administration software which can be used to share files, provide remote support, video calls, more. 2017-12-11
genealogy, family tree
Free, easy to use, genealogy software for Windows. 2017-12-11
backup, backup files, backup data, backup folders, save files, save data, restore files, restore data, free, free backup software
Free easy to use backup software to save individual files or entire folders of personal and important data. 2017-12-11
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