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Soldierside The Band

The artistic name for our music production is SOLDIERSIDE. There was a separate web site for it, (, but because the web development and music production have converged to one entity now, both web sites for the time have merged to one. In the future we might restart a separate site for the music division.
Our original 3 albums, War Heroes, Cigar Smoke, and Freedom Fighters (due to be released late 2008), are instrumental, good for movies, commercials, web sites, piano bars etc... A fourth album to be released in 2009 will be a heavy metal CD with vocals. Currently some of the songs will be recorded with female vocalist, as the search for such a singer is being conducted.
Our latest Music Production Client is, who bought licenses to some of our songs to be played on their web site, and distribute the CD's to their customers when they purchase their exercise equipment.
If you are interested in licensing or downloading the songs, please contact us. All of the songs are our original compositions and recordings. Also please note that individual tracks for each song can be available to you (just the drums, guitars, piano, etc...) for an extra fee of course.
Listen to the "Getting Away" CD - Mar. 2009 - $6.99
Listen to the "Treason" CD - Nov. 2008 - $6.99
Listen to the "Cigar" CD - Aug. 2008 - $6.99
Listen to the "War" CD - Dec. 2007 - $6.99
All music composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Soldierside (Music Division of Valleytech Electronics).
All Rights Reserved 2007-2009 ©.
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