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Tools Of The Trade

There are 2 types of music productions that we use to create music. The good old fashioned way (actually play the guitar, Bass, Keyboard, and Drums), and VST instruments. This hobby costs an arm and a leg !
Major Hardware: Roland V3 Drums, Boss BR1600CD Multi-Track Recorder, US-122 Sound Interface, Shure SM58 Microphone, RP250 Guitar Processor by Digitech, Gibson Epiphone Guitar, Ibenez Bass Guitar, Yamaha Acoustic/Electric Guitar.
Major Software DAW: Samplitude 10, Sonar 7 Producer Edition.
Major Music Composition Tools: Band in a Box 2008, Jammer 6 Pro
Major Plugins: Waves Mercury, Guitar Rig 3, Amplitube 2, Jamstix 2, Antares Autotune 5, Melodyne, and for Mastering T-Racks S and Izotope Ozone 3.
Major Virtual Instruments: EzDrummer with Drumkit from Hell, Steinberg Guitar Vitual Guitarist 2, Steinberg Virtual Drummer 2, Sampletank 2XL, Kontakt 2, Kompakt, RealGuitar2, and Steinberg Virtual Bassist.
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