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One of the best way to relax is to listen to music. Some music can also motivate you and set the mood. We are very fortunate to the right equipment and knowledge to create high quality Original music. We are fortunate enough to produce every aspect of music production in house. From composition, to recording, editing mastering, and finally delivering through Internet. Although our passion is Heavy Metal, we realize it will be very difficult to compete business wise, since in just Los Angeles, there are thousands of such acts. Therefore, for starters we are making a music library feasible to TV, movies, ad campaigns, web sites etc... All these tracks are currently instrumental. In the future we might add vocals.

The dream is not dead yet. One of these days, we will sit down and produce a serious Heavy Metal CD, in the same class as Metallica, System Of A Down etc... Furthermore, another item in our musical wish list is to produce a full blown Classical Music. That's right, piano, violin, etc... no drums, and no guitars.
Please consult our Music Production pages for Original Music. These songs can also be licensed to be used for your own projects, own Cd's, web sites, advertising, movies etc...

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