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Web Design, PC Repair, Training, Music Production, & Programming

Please click on the tabs below to see all of our services that are offered to our customers.

Web Design

Click here to for a FREE 15 day trial of our Web Site Making Solfware. No sofware to download and install - all it takes is 10 seconds to get you started.

Content Management Systems are the easiest, most enonomic, effiecient, and effective way of delivering web sites to the masses.

Anyone with word processing skills can update a Web Site which is built with a CMS (Content Management System). ENA, is a serious, heavy duty, professional CMS. Built with security, ease of use, and functionality in mind, it is by far better than any other CMS.

You don't have to worry about installation, site design, web hosting, domain registration etc..., everything will be handled for you. All you have to do, is populate the pages with your content. Thus, you pay once, and have a quality web site for life, with no other expenses, other than hosting costs and domain registration ($70-$100/year).

ENA's Feature List:

  • - Customize the look of the Web Site, or have us design a custom template for you. See some of our templates at our sister site at In fact you can have a new template (look) for each page.
  • - Unlimited pages, 5 types of pages (Normal, Container, URL, List, and Free pages).
  • - Password protect any page, or the entire web site. Click here to see a password protected page.
  • - File Manager.
  • - Unlimited Forms to collect information from your visitors. The data can be emailed to any number of email addresses, and also stored on the server, and later exported to MS-Excel. Please click here to see an example of a form.
  • - Unlimited Catalogs to display your products and services, with a Paypal Shopping Cart. Click here to see a sample Catalog.
  • - Unlimited RSS Feeds. You can display RSS Feeds from other web sites, and also you can push RSS Feeds, so others can display information from your web site. Click here to see a sample RSS Feed from
  • - Unlimited Photo Galleries with Lightbox2 effect, or a slideshow. Just upload your images to a folder, configure the gallery, it only takes seconds. Click here to see a sample Lightbox2 Gallery. Click here to see a sample Slideshow.
  • - Unlimited Polls. 
  • - Unlimited Guestbooks, great for customer testimonials. Can be configured so the submitted text won't show up in the web site until approved by the administrator. 
  • - Intranet section. Having an Intranet in a web site is like having a web site within a web site. Only members with credentials can enter the Intranet area. It can be used to display information to only VIP customers, employees, Members, etc... Each Intranet member can be configured to have one of four different permission levels.
  • - Unlimited Themes. A theme is either a Blog (online Diary), or a Discussion Forum. Click here for a sample discussion forum.
  • - PIM to manage your contacts, and track your sales better, or any other info. you want to keep on them. You can have up to 127 custom fields. These fields can be private so only the admin. can view/edit them, or make them public, so the Contacts themselves can complete their own info.
  • - Newsletter Feature, so you can send mass emails to your contacts. You can group the contacts into unlimited categories.
  • - ENA has an open system so you can add custom html, Javascripts, and ASP/VB scripts on the fly without having to change the source code. This is a nice, quick and easy way to customize the functionality of your web site. This feature is unique to ENA, you will not find it anywhere else.
  • - Full SEO control. SEO (search engine optimization) is the most important thing to have for a commercial web site. When things are done correctly, your web site will be ranked higher in the search engines, like Google, Yahoo, etc... The SEO features are very extensive.
  • - Add images, flash animations, music files, and Videos on the fly.
  • - Mobile View, so your visitors can have an optimized view when visiting with their cell phones, and smart phones.
  • - Print any page. Look for the link on the footer page to print this page.
  • - Email any page. Look for the link on the footer to email this page.
  • - Iframe any web site. Click here to see a Google Calendar Iframed within this web site.
  • - The center of any CMS is the choice of its' editor. Most of them choose inferior free editors, but we chose the commercial grade, award winning Innova Studio. To see some videos of how to operate Innova studio click here.
  • - Live Customer Support.
  • - Multi-Editor Support. You can have any Intranet member edit any page from the front end, without having to log in the backsite.

Please call or email to arrange a free demonstation, and pricing. 

Computer Repair


We do all sorts of computer repairs, from cleaning PCs from viruses & spyware, to hardware repairs. Here is the complete list:

- Virus & Spyware Removal - $40.

- Hard Disk Reformatting - $80.

- Hard Disk Backup - $40.

- Computer Maintenence (Windows Registry Optimization, and Defragmentation) - $30.

- Software Upgrades $25 + the cost of the software if any.

- Hardware Upgrades - $40 + the cost of hardware if any.

- Other not listed above - $40/hour.



Computer Training is billed at $40/hour. If you purchase a block of 10 hours the rate is at $30/hour.

You can receive Training in the following areas:

- General Computer use and maintenance.

- Computer Repair.

- Microsoft Office.

- Professional Web Site Design using Wordpress and ENA. This is a good entry point for your teenager to learn some high tech. skills, including creating Flash animations, image optimization, SEO, etc... The end result will be building a sophisticated web site like this one.

- Computer Music. Writing and recording music using computers, either just using Virtual Instruments, or Real Instruments. Go to the Music pages to hear some original music composed, recorded, and mastered with a PC.



Music Production


So far there are 60 original instrumental songs in 4 CDs, that can be used for commercial projects. Please call to obtain commercial licenses to use the songs in web sites, TV/Radio commercials, or other commercial venues.

You can listen to the songs at our Music page for free or buy the CDs as digital downloads for personal use only.

Custom Programming


Please call or email to discuss your custom programming needs. Most of the programming is done for the web, and they are database applications. You will be billed on a project basis. Click here to see a sample.