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view, fonts, font, viewer, print, font viewer, view fonts
Get a quick visual overview of all installed fonts. 2017-11-17
remote video surveillance,home security,IP Camera,live video,spy camera,baby monitoring,webcam
Remote Video Monitoring software for Home, Pets, Kids, and more. 2017-11-17
virtual piano, electronic piano, keyboard piano, piano, virtual, electronic, keyboard, computer, computer piano
Free, lightweight, virtual electronic piano that features over 100 musical instruments. 2017-11-17
download music, music downloader, mp3 downloader, download mp3s, music search, mp3 search
Free app to search for and download MP3 files. 2017-11-17
video synchronizer, synchronize video, video player, video, movie
Free video synchronizer that allows family and friends in different locations to watch the same video at the same time. 2017-11-17
mockups, wireframes, ui, ux, design, usability, interface, prototyping tool, gui design, mockup tool
A compact prototyping tool for UI designers or project managers. 2017-11-17
productivity, online security, performance, PC automation, entertainment
Intuitive task scheduler to easily automate a number of different tasks on your PC. 2017-11-17
download manager, ea, games, ea games, download games, free games
Brings an entire universe of gaming into a single, convenient application. 2017-11-17
card, rummy, gin, poker, solitaire, joker, royale
A challenging trick-taking card game with multi-player support. 2017-11-17
languages, chinese, japanese, learn, memory, remember, words
A program designed to help you easily and quickly remember facts (such as words and phrases). 2017-11-17
dvd, blu-ray, rip dvd, rip blu-ray, dvd ripper, blu-ray ripper, free dvd ripper, encode, handbrake, MKV, AAC, MP3, Vorbis, AC3
A DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application for Windows. 2017-11-17
stream content, streaming, stream live content, stream, live, content, stream media, stream videos, record videos, video recorder, obs studio
Free program to stream your live content on the Internet. 2017-11-17
open source, software framework, language, compiler, java, javascript, rich-client, apps, programs
An open source platform-independent software framework for delivering 'rich-client applications. 2017-11-17
Apache, PHP, MySQL, SQLiteManager and PhpMyAdmin, webserver, server, internet
Easily installable package of Apache, PHP, MySQL, SQLiteManager and PhpMyAdmin for Windows platform. 2017-11-17
free antivirus, virus remover, internet security, free antivirus program, malware remover, remove malware, remove viruses, antivirus, antimalware, BitDefender
A complete security suite to protect your computer from viruses, malware, phishing sites, and more. 2017-11-17
monitor, network, wireless, wlan, access point, signal strength, access, point
Monitor the signal strength of multiple WLAN Access Points. 2017-11-17
code editor, programming editor, source code editor, source, code, programming, editor, compiler, sdk, open source, free, microsoft, debug
Free source code editor with multiple language support to write, edit and debug code. 2017-11-17
best free antivirus software, free antivirus protection, trojan horse, virus scanner, malware scanner, free antivirus download
Real-time antivirus protection against viruses, ransomware, trojans, adware, and other types of online threats. 2017-11-17
desktop, icons, desktop icons, hide, show
Free software designed to automatically hide or show desktop icons. 2017-11-17
fbackup, backup, backup software, full backup, mirror backup, USB backup, backup open files, outlook
Easily backup your important data to any local or network drive or to external drives. 2017-11-17
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