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command line, utility, launch, programs, applications
A free floating command line utility to instantly access files, programs, websites, etc. 2018-10-30
auto close, autoclose, auto close program, schedule close program, schedule tool
A handy Windows utility to schedule individual programs to auto-close or shut down your system at a specified time. 2018-10-17
computer benchmark, benchmark, cpu benchmark, system benchmark, test, performance, performance test, computer speed test, speed test
Free portable benchmark tool to test various components on your computer and compare results with popular similar components. 2018-10-17
tweak windows, optimize computer, optimize, tweak, computer, tweak, system tweak, tweak pc
Powerful suite of tools designed to clean, optimize, and tweak your computer. 2018-10-17
opera, web browser, browser, internet browser, opera web browser
A fast, stylized, flexible, and streamlined free web browser from the makers of Opera. 2018-10-17
Apache, PHP, MySQL, SQLiteManager and PhpMyAdmin, webserver, server, internet, web server
A very easy to install Apache distribution for Linux, Solaris, and Windows. 2018-10-17
browser, best browser, browser download, browsers, free browser, Internet browser, web browser, safe, fast, fastest browser, secure browser, surf, browse, browsing
A fast Web browser with powerful features and a new, beautiful minimalistic design. 2018-10-17
cad, 2d cad, graphics, editor, modeling
LibreCAD is a free comprehensive, Open Source, 2D CAD application. 2018-10-17
troubleshooting, troubleshoot, utilities, diagnostics, tweak, tweaking, tools, help
SysInternals Suite of tools that contains 60+ individual troubleshooting tools and help files. 2018-10-17
memory leaks, firefox, mozilla firefox, firefox memory leaks, fix firefox leaks, fix firefox memory leaks
Free program to eliminate memory leaks in Firefox. 2018-10-17
security, encrypt, encryption, email
A free and useful email security utility for Windows. 2018-10-17
system, information, desktop, background, ip, address
Automatically displays relevant system information about a Windows computer on the desktop. 2018-10-17
calculator, emulator, HP Titan calculator, HP Titan, HP-71B, HP71B calculator
Calculator emulator for the HP Titan calculator HP-71B hardware that runs on Windows. 2018-10-17
internet, repair internet connection, internet connection, tweak internet connection, tweak, connection, repair connection, network
Repairs everything internet related, including networking problems. 2018-10-17
shutdown, restart, log off , standby, custom, hibernate, suspend, restart computer
An open source, advanced, portable shut down utility for Windows. 2018-10-17
virtual, virtualizer, desktop, pc, server, machine, admin
A general-purpose full virtualizer targeted at server, desktop and embedded use. 2018-10-17
dual boot, linux boot, windows boot, boot disk
Free software designed to safely dual boot Windows and Linux. 2018-10-17
audio, editor, compress, digital music, mp3, ogg, lqt
Free software for Windows to quickly and easily compress digital music. 2018-10-17
lame, encoder, audio, ripper, oggenc, vorbis, gui, wave, mp4, aac, opus
Easy-to-use MP3 Encoder Front-End for LAME MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Nero AAC. 2018-10-17
image processor, image viewer, image editor, viewer, editor, graphics, picture, analyze, image
Display, edit, analyze, process, save and print 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit images. 2018-10-17
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